Professional Care

Our commitment at Hill City Counseling and Consulting (HCCC) is to honor God and show compassionate and professional care to those who are struggling and asking for our help. Challenges in life have many sources: problem behaviors, overwhelming emotions, stubborn beliefs, physical pain, or spiritual questioning – often it is a complex combination of these areas. Our personalized care will help you sort through the issues and develop a path towards healing. We place a high priority on religious values and ethical practice so you can be confident that your faith values and practices, whatever they may be, will be honored and integrated as we explore your issues. Our private practice counseling center has three distinct strengths that set it apart from most other agencies – read more below, and then go to the Our Team page to learn more about our counseling team.

Why We’re Different

First, HCCC is led by Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who promote a systemic perspective for every client. This perspective views life as an interconnecting web of relationships, recognizing that past events, current events, and hopes for the future also interact to impact your life today. Many times problems exist not within a client as a personal deficit, but in the relational dynamics between two (or more) people. We often say, “people are not the problem, the problem is the problem.” In other words, we treat relationships, not just individual people.

Three Levels of Care

A second distinctive about HCCC is that it is a clinical training center for licensed professionals, licensed counseling residents, and graduate interns. Not only are we training the next generation of effective therapists, we are also able to offer three levels of service with different fees so that you can find the best help at a cost that works for you. Our licensed residents have completed their graduate degree and are working towards full licensure, while graduate interns are in the final year of their counseling degree. All licensed residents and graduate interns are under weekly, on-site supervision to ensure they are providing the best care to you. All of our counselors are active in their local faith communities and are gifted in serving those who are struggling with personal, relational, and spiritual issues.

A Team Approach

A final distinctive of HCCC is that clients often meet with a co-therapy team of two counselors. This proven approach benefits the client who receives the insights and experience of two therapists for the price of one, and the clinicians benefit by working together as well. This approach is especially helpful when working with couples or families, but individuals can also benefit. Of course, if you want to meet with just one counselor, HCCC will be sure to accommodate you.

Please continue exploring the web site to learn more about our staff, services, and rates. Please contact us if you have any questions or you are ready to set up an appointment.