Military Issues

PCS, ACS, OCS, TAD, TDY, PFT, AIT, Fit Rep, OER, MOS, NCO, LES, COLA… If you are a military veteran or family member, you probably recognize most of those terms. The military has its own culture that can be very rewarding and also immensely challenging. Perhaps your military service, or that of a parent, has left you confused and uncertain about life, who to trust, what to do next, or still dealing with powerful negative experiences. We know that some civilian providers do not understand the military lifestyle and you don’t want to spend half your sessions explaining yourself. We have therapists who served over 29 years in the Marine Corps and Army and are very familiar with your sacrifices and the issues military families face. Multiple deployments, reintegration, numerous moves, family absences, marital disconnection, leaving friends and familiar places, and kids changing schools are all mixed in with a deep sense of pride for serving our great nation. Perhaps you are a veteran trying to “fit in” with civilian life, unsure of your new identity apart from the uniform, rank, and unit pride. We will walk alongside you to support you and work collaboratively to help you address issues arising from military service that are affecting you and your family.

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