The Clinical Training Center

Within the context of the clinical services offered at HCCC is the Clinical Training Center (CTC). Our passion is to train and mentor the next generation of marriage and family therapists and professional counselors by providing them with a supportive supervision environment as they develop first-class clinical skills to help their clients at affordable rates. Supervisees learn in an encouraging atmosphere of observation, honest feedback, and professional mentoring that prepares them for successful private practice upon full licensure.

All residents and graduate interns in the CTC receive weekly supervision from either Dr. David or Dr. Suzanne Mikkelson to ensure they are providing professional, ethical, and effective counseling services. They are also challenged to deepen their engagement with their client’s religious values and faith practices. Graduate practicum students begin as co-therapists with residents and more experienced interns. As they gain confidence and display competence, they will become the lead therapist on co-therapy cases and eventually see clients alone. Residents also have the opportunity to learn in co-therapy settings with licensed MFTs, fellow residents, and graduate interns.

Graduate interns and residents who wish to apply for clinical positions at HCCC may do so by emailing and completing the appropriate application. Graduate intern applications are accepted in March, June, and September for the summer, fall, and spring semesters respectively. Applicants are interviewed and decisions made approximately 3 weeks prior to university paperwork deadlines, leaving time for alternate plans if HCCC is not able to accept them. Residents may apply at any time and acceptance is largely based on client demand. Priority is given to MFT residents and MFC graduate interns, based on the systemic focus and MFT supervision provided at HCCC. Residents may apply for a part-time position as a second clinical site.

Off-site Supervision for Students and Residents

Residents and graduate interns who are completing their clinical requirements at a location other than at HCCC may apply for supervision from Dr. David Mikkelson or Dr. Suzanne Mikkelson. We are two of the few AAMFT Approved Supervisors within 50 miles of Lynchburg (one can search on the web site), and we are happy to provide MFT residents and MFC graduate students with systemic supervision that meets clinical standards in Virginia and most other states. Off-site supervision is offered in individual, triadic, and group formats; see the Rates tab for fees. Supervision is conducted primarily at the HCCC office but at times may occur at the supervisee’s work location. If you are interested in off-site supervision, please contact us by emailing

AAMFT Supervisor Candidates

Dr. David Mikkelson has served as an AAMFT supervisor mentor for five supervisor candidates engaged in the AAMFT Approved Supervisor training program. The most recent version of the AAMFT Supervisor Handbook, available on the web site, specifies the training requirements and process to become an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. He has also taught graduate school courses in marriage and family therapy, internship, and supervision, and has extensive supervision experience with over 50 residents, interns, and pastors since 2009. If you have been a fully licensed MFT for at least two years and desire to pursue this national supervisor credential, please contact David to discuss how he could help you achieve it.

EMDR Basic Consultation

Dr. Suzanne Mikkelson offers basic consultation for those who have attended EMDR Basic Training in Roy Keissling’s belief-focused approach ( Consultation is offered in groups of 4 people via conference call, or in person if your group is local to Lynchburg. If you have completed basic training, you may access Suzanne’s Uber Conference schedule here: You may also email her to schedule consultation at your location.

EMDR Certification

Becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist is the next step after completing EMDR Basic Training. The certification process is designed to help you develop your own clinical specialization in EMDR. You will need to sign a consultation agreement documenting the mutual commitment expected for this process. Dr. Suzanne Mikkelson offers consultation in both group and individual formats. While the full requirements are explained at EMDRIA’s website, the basic requirements include Completion of EMDR Basic Training Program, 20 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, EMDR clients, 50 sessions of doing EMDR, 12 hours of CEUs in EMDR related topics, Being fully licensed in your professional area, and Minimum of 2 years of experience in your field of license.

EMDR Consultation

Dr. Suzanne Mikkelson offers EMDR consultation on an hourly basis for any clinician who wishes further training in their practice of EMDR. Whether you are just beginning to use EMDR, wish to relearn EMDR after a period of not using it, or just want additional input on a challenging case, consultation can help you hone your skills and build your confidence. Email Suzanne to schedule an appointment at her office or yours. Consultation can also be conducted on a secure web format if that is more convenient for you.

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