Parenting Challenges

The hardest job in life for which we often receive little or no formal training is how to raise healthy children. We believe children are a blessing from God and source of great joy, but parenting is also a life-changing season that can leave parents and children frustrated, exhausted, and in conflict. Perhaps your child is struggling in school, seems depressed or anxious, has increased defiance at home, or is paralyzed with the decision of leaving home for college or employment. Maybe you feel good about how you parented your children through high school, but the transition to parenting them as young adults has you confused.

Children can be seen for counseling separate from their parents beginning at age 6. However, we find that families are most successful when the parents remain fully engaged in the treatment process. We understand how important it is for you to be able to trust your child’s therapist and we focus on working collaboratively with parents to develop goals and treatment methods for children and families. We also work directly with parents to help them navigate the constant changes that are needed to provide parenting that is effective, enjoyable, and promotes responsibility at all stages of growth. We want to help you and your child regain confidence and enjoy a healthier outlook on the future.

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